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Dermal renewal cellular treatment

Intensive multi-active cellular treatment for multiple skin renewal deficiencies.

An exclusive formula of bio-cellular compounds combined with essential vitamins and pharmaceutical grade hyaluronic acid to nourish and revitalize the dermal layers.

JUVENXA contains freeze-dried cells of various compounds that gives outstanding results according to the age of your skin and following an application methodology that varies according to the quality and age of the skin.

As the years go by the cells of the dermis lose their nucleus which causes their basic functions and activity to deteriorate resulting in premature aging of the skin, loss of firmness and marked expression lines.

The average time from the release of a new cell in the basal layer until it reaches the surface is approximately 28 days, during which time the juvenile cells will replenish permanent activity to stimulate the production of the main components of the dermal layers.


JUVENXA is formulated to activate the cellular cycle by stimulating the basic functions within different dermal layers. It is a dermatological system composed of 3 products that act intensively to renew, revitalize and rejuvenate the different layers of the skin.

Studies show that the JUVENXA system provides outstanding results with the following application method according to the age and maturity of the skin.


Frequency and treatment cycles

Between 40 and up to 45 years of age, 2 annual treatments should be applied, one every six (6) months, as a reinforcement it is recommended that cream should be applied during the treatment and additionally JUVENXA capsules should be consumed.

Between 46 and up to 60 years of age, 3 annual treatments should be applied, one every four (4) months as reinforcement it is recommended the application of JUVENXA cream during the treatment and additionally the consumption of JUVENXA capsules.

For people over 61 years old, four (4) annual treatments should be applied, one every three (3) months, as a reinforcement it is recommended the application of JUVENXA cream during the treatment and additionally the consumption of JUVENXA capsules.

Night: Cleansing of face and neck before the application of JUVENXA cells so that the compounds of the cellular formula penetrate the different layers of the dermis for a minimum of five hours or leave overnight until the next day.

Day: After cleansing face and neck apply JUVENXA cream (before make-up) and repeat the cycle for 30 consecutive days.

How to use Juvenxa Cells
  • Unscrew the plastic cap of the vial and remove the cap from the glass vial.
  • Keep the liquid vial in vertical position and screw the vial containing the powder with cells.
  • Invert and drain all the liquid by pressing the plastic vial until all its contents are deposited in the glass vial.
  • Shake continuously until the solution is homogeneous.
  • Transfer the already activated mixture to the plastic vial, as shown in the drawing, of the entire contents.
  • Generously apply drops with the fingertip over the entire facial area, eyes and neck.

After application, close the plastic vial with the remaining contents for subsequent applications, JUVENXA does not need to be refrigerated after mixing.

Avoid applying make-up on top of the product, the use of night application cosmetics is restricted in the indicated areas for the duration of JUVENXA and/or consult your dermatologist.

Juvenxa Cellular

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As the years go by, the dermo-epidermal junction flattens and the epidermis receives less nutrients. Proliferation and differentiation of keratinocytes slows down and so does cell renewal. Self-regeneration capabilities decrease.

Production of collagen, elastin, hyaluronic acid and adhesion molecules decreases dramatically. The stratum corneum is destroyed and loses its connective properties. Therefore, the skin’s function as a protective barrier becomes less efficient and dehydration takes hold.

The skin is thinner, less elastic and flexible, resulting in wrinkles.

JUVENXA regenerates the skin

JUVENXA restores nutrients

JUVENXA Diminishes wrinkles

JUVENXA rejuvenates the skin, regenerating it more efficiently, in less time due to the cellular activity of its components, up to the surface of the stratum corneum: Effective action on the dermal extracellular matrix Strengthens the dermal-epidermal junction Increases epidermal thickness Increases epidermal thickness Reaffirms the dermal layers by restructuring them.


JUVENXA accelerates the creation and stabilization of the dermal-epidermal junction (DEJ). The connection between dermis and epidermis is enhanced. The DEJ is stronger, the skin is firmer and more elastic.

JUVENXA stimulates epidermal renewal by increasing the proliferation and differentiation of basal cells.

The epidermis is stratified more quickly and recovers the voluminous density of a young skin.

The corneal extract regains its perfect cohesion and functions as a barrier again.


A mixed (young/old) model of complete reconstructed skin (dermis and epidermis) showed the potent action of JUVENXA versus untreated control. 35 and 48 days of culture.




Acceleration of cell differentiation


Stabilization of the epidermal-epidermal junction


Faster, better and more constant densification, thanks to increased collagen VI, +22% at 035 = firmer.

A better composition and DEJ connection, at 035 with JUVENXA


Increased proteoglycan which stabilizes and anchors the DEJ for dermis and epidermis already at D35, the DEJ is in place and structured.

Skin firmness and elasticity

It increases by 22% the glycoprotein, involved in the binding of molecules that form matrix and anchoring filaments.

JUVENXA continues to improve the DEJ connection.


Juvenxa is a true cellular treatment that grants

- Rejuvenation of mature skin

- Prevents premature aging of the skin between 40 and 50 years

- Firms the Dermal layers

- Optimal skin resilience

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