Longevity System


Beauty goes beyond the surface. JUVENXA is a dermatological skincare system that uses cellular extracts as its primary component. It has been formulated to prevent early signs of aging; we recommend this product for ages 35+

JUVENXA is designed to prolong skin elasticity which results in younger, healthier looking skin.

The science behind JUVENXA:

As you age the outer layer of the skin (epidermis) begins to thin out, the number of pigment-containing cells (melanocytes) decreases and the remaining melanocytes increase in size. This is why aged skin appears thinner, paler and more transparent. This is when you might notice pigmented spots (lentigines) beginning to form on the skin.

Changes in the connective tissue reduce the strength and elasticity of the skin. This is known as elastosis. It is especially noticeable in sun-exposed areas (solar elastosis). This condition produces the leathery, weather-beaten appearance often seen in people with high or low sun exposure.

Derma-Pharma Laboratories has developed JUVENXA a program of 3 products specifically formulated to give youth your skin. Our cellular therapy provides different nutrients that benefit different age groups. Those between the ages of 35-45 are encouraged to utilize JUVENXA for preventative purposes and those 45+ will reap the revitalizing properties this formula has to offer more mature skin.

JUVENXA is a dermatological innovation where various biotechnological components and active ingredients work together to reactivate the skin cells. Based on an intense topical hydration followed by revitalizing capsules that together induce changes from within the cellular structure of the dermal layer.

JUVENXA a system that corrects, revitalizes and restores the skin’s own regenerative functions to make your skin smooth and youthful, because beauty is forever.

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